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    Greetings Cookie Dippers,

    I am Chef Zakiya. I’ve been making cookie dip since I was a little girl. I would gather my ingredients and mix them in a bowl, while watching soaps with my grandma. No one ever questioned what I was making, & I never shared.

    Fast forward to 2017. My friends and I are very competitive cooks. We all prepared appetizers for the Playboy Jazz Festival. After gathering all the food, I suddenly realize that I didn’t have anything sweet to offer. I put together my ingredients in a bowl and proceeded to make Vanilla Bean and Lemon cookie dips. I shared with friends while at the festival, and they raved about the bold, decadent flavors. I then began sharing with our neighboring concert goers, and received the same response. It was that moment I realized my cookie dips should be shared with the world.

    I am an artist by nature. The Cookie Dip Company is my mode of art....Edible Love, to be shared with everyone. The key element that sets The Cookie Dip Company apart from the other companies, are my innovative, flavor bursting flavors, such as Mango Chili or Milk Chocolate Horchata.

    The Cookie Dip Company is the snack you never knew you needed. Come, follow my journey as I provide a variety of ways to awaken your sweet tooth. GET ADDICTED!!!